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About the Victorian Father of the Year award

Since 1956, the Victorian Father of the Year award has recognised Victorian dads and father figures who make positive contributions to their communities.

The award is about recognising the everyday father figures who have a profound and positive effect on young people.

It was originally founded by the Victorian Father's Day Council and managed by a dedicated committee for over 60 years.

In 2006, the YMCA began supporting the award's administration and promoting the award through our numerous community services.

The two organisations became so symbiotic that in 2020 it was decided the Victorian Father's Day Council would formally merge into the Y.

The council now acts as voluntary advisory committee within the Y and its member remain involved in the award process. 

The YMCA looks forward to our continued collaboration with the council in celebrating the importance of everyday father figures.


About the Y

The YMCA (aka the Y) is a community not-for-profit organisation that delivers programs and services at more than 200 locations across Victoria.

Our mission is to empower young people, giving them the skills and confidence to lead positive and independent lives.

We know that when they’re understood, empowered and encouraged, young people can achieve great things.

The Y recognises that older adults can have a profound and positive effect on the lives of young people.

Through the Victorian Father of the Year award we are able to recognise and thank the father figures who share our belief.

The award is administered by The Y Victoria and supported by other YMCA associations based in Victoria. These include


Partnership with City of Melbourne

The City of Melbourne has supported the Victorian Father of the Year award since it's earliest days in the 1950's.

Our annual award ceremony is traditionally hosted by the council at Melbourne Town Hall.

The sitting Lord Mayor or their deputy present the award to the winner and councillors are invited to attend.

The winner of the 2022 award will be presented by the Lord Mayor Sally Capp at a special ceremony held on Friday 2 September.

“Each year when we celebrate this award, we’re reminded of the valuable role that parents and guardians play in helping shape the lives of young people everywhere. This is particularly important during these uncertain times.” – Lord Mayor Sally Capp. Read the full statement.

YMCA is grateful for the councils ongoing support of the award.

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