DNA alone doesn’t make a dad and father figures come in all shapes and sizes.

The Victorian Father of the Year award recognises fathers figures who have had a profound and positive effect on the lives of young people.

The award is open to traditional and non-traditional father figures who currently live in the state of Victoria (Australia).

The term father figure is inclusive of:

  • Relatives (father, uncle, brother),
  • Role models (coach, mentor, teacher),
  • Community leaders and
  • All people who identify as male.

YMCA manages a set of award criteria that outline the actions and values expected of the person named Victorian Father of the Year.

Each year the award criteria is used to review all nominations, shortlist finalists and select a winner.


Award criteria

Contribute to their community

We are looking for people who have helped shape their local community.

They have achieved this by contributing to, enriching or positively influencing the lives of young people.

Be an everyday person

This award is about recognising the everyday people who have had a profound and positive effect on young people.

We are seeking relatable and inspirational father figures who are everyday members of the Victorian community.

It is not about recognising celebrities, grand achievements of the self or feats that are unachievable to most.

Be a positive role model

We are looking for people whose actions and conduct inspire young people.

A positive role model empowers young people by giving them the skills and confidence to lead positive and independent lives.

Hold values that are aligned with the Y’s core values

We are looking for people who share the Y's core values. Their actions should exemplify and bring to life what we believe in.

The Y's core values are:

  • Honesty: To demonstrate reliability and trustworthiness through our actions.
  • Caring: To demonstrate sincere concern for the wellbeing and needs of others.
  • Inclusion: demonstrates respect and acceptance for all people.
  • Respect: To value the worth of all individuals and treat others with kindness.
  • Responsibility: To demonstrates accountability and the courage to do what is right.        

Does this sound like an extraordinary father figure in your life?

Then we encourage you to submit a nomination for the 2023 award.

Conditions of entry for the 2023 award are summarised in the drop down field below.

Please note: Nominations close at midday on Tuesday 22 August 2023.

  • Conditions of entry

    The following conditions apply to all nominations submitted for the Victorian Father of the Year award in 2023.

    • All nomination entries must be received by 12:00pm on the nomination closing date of Tuesday 22 August 2023.
    • Nominations must be submitted by people over 18 years of age.
    • Children and young people under 18 years can submit a nomination with the support of a guardian or trusted adult.
    • Nominations are only accepted for father figures who currently live within the state of Victoria.
    • The term "father figure" is inclusive of all male identifying relatives and role models.
    • The term "relatives" includes but is not limited to fathers, uncles, grandparents, siblings and cousins.
    • The term "role model" includes but is not limited to coaches, friends, managers, mentors and teachers.
    • Nominations are open to all people who identify as male or as a father figure, irrespective of their gender assigned at birth.
    • YMCA Victoria do not accept responsibility for nomination entries that are lost, damaged or delayed.
    • Nominations and supporting documentation, including photographs will not be returned.
    • Employees of YMCA Victoria, other YMCA associations and related entities are not eligible to win the award.
    • The selection of finalists is based on the nominations received and the information available to the judging panel at the time.
    • All nominees who are shortlisted as finalists are subject to reference checks to determine suitability.
    • Finalists are subjected to a police criminal check and must be willing to provide background information.
    • The winner of the Victorian Father of the Year award in 2023 will be selected by judging panel assembled by YMCA Victoria.
    • The judging panels decision is final and no correspondence or negotiation will be entered into.
    • Finalists must be willing to attend the awards ceremony at the Melbourne Town Hall on Friday 1 September 2023.
    • The winner must be willing to undertake media interviews on the ceremony day and the days following the announcement.
    • The winner must be willing to undertake marketing and promotional activities in conjunction with YMCA Victoria.
    • YMCA Victoria reserves the right to withdraw the award if further information becomes available and/or the conduct of the finalists can be seen to cause disrepute to the YMCA and related entities
    • YMCA Victoria reserves the right to change, hold void or cancel the award and/or event at any time without notice.
    • YMCA Victoria reserves the right to send email updates to all people who submit a nomination for the 2023 award.